T4E .50 Cal TR50 11 Joule Paintball Revolver For Home Defense - Tactical Kit 5

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T4E TR50

T4E .50 Cal TR50 Paintball Revolver

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T4E TR50 Revolver .50 CAL

T4E brings you the realistic TR50 revolver for your paintball arsenal. Easy to load rotary magazine (5 magazines provided) holds six .50cal low impact rounds. Power is supplied by a 12 gram CO2 cartridge located in the grip. This is a great option for home defense purposes.

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T4E .50 Cal Rubber Ball

The T4E Rubber Home Defense rounds are a great choice for those looking to stop intruders in a non-lethal way. These rubber rounds are super hard and provide a powerful impact that will stop intruders in their tracks. T4E Rubber Rounds are reusable and can be used for target practice.

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Tippmann 12 Gram CO2 Cartridge

These cartridges are crafted using a super durable metal alloy that resists denting, bending and other damage over time. They are simple to install on any paintball or airsoft gun that is compatible with a 12 gram cartridge. These do not have any threads on the neck of the cartridge; not allowing them to be screwed into anything. These small cartridges can be carried in a pocket, pouch, or almost anywhere thanks to their compact design. Each cartridge contains 12 grams of CO2 and is a one time use.

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T4E TR50 Magazine - 2 Pack

The TR50 Magazine holds 6 rounds and comes in a 2-pack. This is the same magazine that comes standard in all TR50 pistols. This magazine will hold .50 cal paintballs or .50 cal rubber balls. Load them up and then pop them in your TR50 revolver and let the fun begin!

1 - T4E .50 Cal TR50 Paintball Revolver w/ Additional 11 Joule Upgrade Valve 25 Pack - 12 Gram CO2 Cartridges 100 Pack - T4E .50 Cal Rubber Balls 2 Pack - TR50 6 Round Magazine 1 - Extreme Rage Leg Holster
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