Compressed Air - HPA

We have a full line of Compressed Air/HPA paintball tanks. We carry the paintball tanks from all major manufacturers in the industry. We have the entry level compressed air tanks from Cyclone Paintball which start just under the 40$ mark. These entry level paintball tanks are very durable and will last you a long time. Both the bottle as well as the regulator on them are made in the USA.

For the lighter, higher capacity and top of the line paintball tanks, we recommend checking out the ANS Paintball Tanks, Ninja Paintball Tanks and Guerrilla Air Paintball Tanks. These are the top of the line paintball tanks on the market.

Compressed Air tanks have now become the standard way to power a paintball marker. Unlike C02, compressed air does not turn into a frozen liquid when running through your gun. This makes Your shots much more consistent and does not cause damage to your gun over time. Over the years they have become much lighter, stronger, safer, cheaper, and hold more air than their predecessors. Today's tanks are made of aluminum, fiberglass, or carbon fiber. We carry paintball tanks from all major manufacturers in the industry. Some of the base line tanks such as the Cyclone tank start at under $40 and are made completely of aluminum but are still able to withstand all the abuse that playing paintball normally provides. Fiber glass and carbon fiber tanks can range anywhere from $99 to $200, but with that comes many benefits over aluminum tanks. They are much lighter due to the materials they are made out of. Most tanks like Ninja, CrossFire, or Guerrilla Air can be filled to 4,500psi unlike the aluminum tank's 3000psi. That is already 50% more air! Combine that with a larger tank and you have almost 1000 more shots than your average aluminum tank.