Tippmann Universal Ball Latch Detent (FA-18)

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Tippmann Spare Parts

The Ball Latch keeps paint from double feeding and rolling down the barrel. Keep a spare handy in case you need to replace one at the field!

Fits the following Tippmann paintball guns:

  • Tippmann 98 Platinum Series ACT
  • Tippmann 98 Platinum Series Ultra Basic
  • Tippmann A5
  • Tippmann Alpha Black Elite
  • Tippmann Carver One
  • Tippmann Cronus
  • Tippmann FT-12
  • Tippmann Gryphon
  • Tippmann Project Salvo
  • Tippmann Sierra One
  • Tippmann Stormer
  • Tippmann TCR
  • Tippmann TiPX

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