V-Force Grill High Definition Reflective Lens (HDR) - Mercury

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V-Force Grill HDR Lens

True Clarity. Accurate Vision. Anti-Fog Technology. These are the requirements of V-Force paintball mask lenses.

The V-Force High Definition Reflective (HDR) Lenses take it to the next level, designed to reduce harsh sunlight for zero glare while enhancing color, clarity and contrast. V-Force has raised the bar for unsurpassed industry safety standards and distortion-free field of view. Play your outdoor games in style regardless of the weather conditions! The V-Force HDR Lens features a highly polished mirrored finish in an array of eye catching and dazzling colors that morph and change with your movement

Zero Glare Distortion-Free Dual Pane Anti-Fog Thermal Lenses High Contrast Clarity Meets ASTM and CE Standards
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