What To Pack For A Scenario Paintball Game

What To Pack For A Scenario Paintball Game or Big Game

Scenario and big game paintball is the fastest growing side of the sport. More and bigger games are popping up all over the world as people experience the thrill of taking to the field with hundreds or even thousands of players on each side. These huge events are often an entire weekend, with players arriving on Friday and then playing and camping out through Sunday. Players need to pack more gear than they may realize to be prepared. It is the
little things that can make or break a scenario game experience!

Spare Back-Up Marker. Of course you are taking your primary gun, but have you considered something in case you run into unforeseen problems? Having a lower cost but reliable marker in your gear bag may not be as fun as
with your favorite, but it is better than sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else play!

Spare Back-Up Loader. As above, it doesn’t have to be top of the line, but handy to have. If you fall and break paint in your hopper moments before the climatic last objective, it’s nice to put a clean loader on
and go

Batteries. At least one extra set for every piece of paintball equipment that requires them. Be sure to buy good, name brand batteries and not cheap generics. Yes, there is a difference!

Hydration Pack with Water Bladder and Hose with Bite Valve. These are worth their weight in gold while playing. Dehydration is a serious concern, especially for summer games. Having a hydration pack lets you drink
without effort when out on the field for extended periods of time. You will be amazed at how much better you will feel and play when you can drink freely without effort to do so.

Blister Bandages. Foot ailments sideline players at every game. Pack some of the new generation of bandages designed for blisters. They feature gel-like cushioning, stick to you like glue, and have a slick surface so your socks don’t grab and rub (how you got the blister in the first place). A real game day saver!

Sunscreen Lotion. Often overlooked, you will regret not having any! Get some strong protection such as 30 or 45 SPF, and look for a waterproof formula to stay on through your sweat. Apply it first thing in the morning, remembering to cover the back of the neck, forehead and ears. Reapply at lunch time or your afternoon break.

Insect Repellant. Lots of nasty biting bugs come out during the playing season. Don’t get eaten alive!

Healthy Snacks and Energy Bars. Prepare light nutritious snacks like energy bars, fresh fruit and nuts handy so you can keep your energy level up. It is better to eat a lighter breakfast and lunch, replenishing occasionally with a 100-200 calorie snack, than to run around on only two meals. Be sure to drink water when you snack!

Urethane Tank O-Rings and Marker O-Rings/ Seals. These little things will stop or delay you getting on the field. Pack a few tank o-rings here and there in your harness, pockets, etc. At one point or another, they will be you or a friend’s game saver!

Black Electrical Tape or Black Cloth Hockey Tape. These have a 1001 uses in emergency situations! Lash gear together so it doesn’t make noise, fix broken gear, hold that loose hopper in place… you will be glad you brought some.

Small Carabineer Clips. These are invaluable for securing your car keys and other small items, as well as slinging paint grenades on your gear.

Towels. A couple of hand towels or old t-shirts for use as rags are invaluable for quickly cleaning between breaks off the field. Your gear will get covered with incredible amounts of paint and sludge; you’ll be amazed how much these will get used!

Goggle Cleaner Spray and Microfiber Cloths. Your goggle is going to take hits and a tremendous amount of splatter and spray. A spray-type cleaner approved by the manufacturer will cut through the goop. First, spray the cleaner on and wipe the bulk of the sludge with a towel. Then, spray again and buff clean with a microfiber cloth. Never use paper towels or toilet tissue to clean your lens!

Two Coolers. Bring two Coleman-type ice chest coolers with you, one of them a large model. The smaller is for ice and keeping your water and drinks cold. The larger one is to hold your paintballs in. These will protect your paint from the sun and excess humidity. Get one that can accept a padlock and chain it to a tree or other immobile object for security.

Large Garbage Bags. Any well-organized event is going to have dumpsters and garbage cans around the site, but they always fill to over fast with uncrushed paint boxes and water bottles. Having your own bags makes cleaning up your staging area and campsite faster, and you save time and keep your gear bag clean by throwing all your dirty, muddy and paint-covered clothes in one.