50 Caliber Paintball Guns

This is your one stop shop for 50 caliber paintball guns and information. As the 50 caliber paintball guns are released, you will see all of the guns posted with pricing as well as full feature lists. Stay up to date and check up on the new 50 caliber paintball guns. 50 Caliber paintball guns are slowly entering into the sport of paintball. It seems to be an easy way to get into the sport since 50 caliber paintballs have less of an impact and will allow more people to gradually get into paintball. Check out our full selection of 50 caliber paintball guns today!

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50 Caliber paintball guns will be very popular with beginning paintball players for many reasons. First, the joule rating of a 50 caliber paintball gun is only 2 as opposed to the 10 rating of a standard 68 caliber paintball. The amount of power each 50 caliber paintball gun can produce is minimal compared to that of a 68 cal ball.

Second, the paintballs for 50 caliber paintball guns are more affordable. You can get a high end 2000 round case of tournament level paintballs for under $35. This means that the cost of paint will be significantly less for anyone shooting a 50 caliber paintball gun.

Next, the air consumption of a 50 caliber paintball gun is substantially less than that of a standard 68 cal gun. The 50 caliber paintball guns will get about 4000 shots off of a 20oz tank fill and about 2500 shots off of a standard 12oz tank.

The 50 caliber paintball gun may not be for everyone but this is a great way to introduce many more people to paintball. Check out all of our 50 caliber paintball categories and get a look at all of the new gear.