Valken Paintball Gloves

Valken paintball gloves are a great set of new gloves to hit the paintball market. The Valken gloves have been in the design process for the last few years and are manufactured by some of the top paintball players and designers in the world. Valken gloves are very durable and are taking over the paintball industry one hand at a time. There are currently two types of Valken Paintball gloves for you to choose from. First we have Valken full finger gloves which give you full hand protection and will keep you padded all around. The second type of Valken gloves are the two finger gloves. The Two finger Valken gloves have the two trigger fingers nicely cut off the gloves. This lets you get a better feel of the trigger so you can get higher rates of fire. These gloves still have a ton of great padding but are specifically designed for the serious tournament paintball player.