Paintball Sale Barrels & Barrel Accessories

We are proud to offer our extensive line of Cheap paintball barrels. An upgraded paintball barrel will dramatically improve the accuracy of your paintball gun and give you better consistency. Any of the cheap paintball barrels in this category will make a world of difference from the stock barrels on most paintball barrels. All of the barrels we carry in our sale paintball barrels are micro honed and micro polished which gives your ball a nice easy path down the barrel. Most stock paintball gun barrels are ruggedly machined which effects the accuracy of your gun as well as the breaking of paintballs. When the ball is shot down the barrel at over 300 Feet per second, the slightest imperfection can cause the ball to break in the barrel or throw off the accuracy. These Cheap upgraded barrels will take that worry away and get your gun shooting straighter. Whether you are on a budget and can only afford 10 bucks, or want the best of the sale with the 30$ CP 1 Piece barrel, any of these will make a world of difference on your gun. Our recommendation is to pick a barrel that is about 14 inches. This will give you the best overall accuracy.