Field One MVP Complete O-Ring Rebuild Kit (140200001)

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Field One Repair Kit
This kit provides 1 complete o-ring rebuild for the marker and Cam Drive ASA.
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1x3mm O-Ring 5 Body to Pump Rail Track/ Regulator Upper to Grip Frame/ Regulator Lower to Grip Frame
1x4mm O-Ring 1 ASA Main Seal Support
1x4.5mm O-Ring 2 ASA to Grip Frame
1x5mm O-Ring 1 Spring Stack Retainer
1x7mm O-Ring 1 Blast Guide
1x20mm O-Ring 1 Poppet Seal/ Donut
1x23mm O-Ring 2 Pump Rail Track to Grip Frame
005 O-Ring 1 Inside Main Seal
011 O-Ring 1 Inside Volume Chamber
013 O-Ring 3 Outside of Reg Piston/ Outside of Reg Lower
015 O-Ring 1 Main Seal
020 O-Ring 1 Inside Volume Chamber
021 O-Ring 2 Outside Volume Chamber
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