JT paintball makes a variety of replacement thermal lenses to replace your current JT lens. All of the JT paintball lenses we carry are thermal which means they are dual paned similar to a dual pane window. This keeps your paintball mask from fogging up and extends the life of your lens. The most common of the Jt lenses are the Spectra/Flex lens. They are pretty universal and go in the majority of the paintball masks on the market. The next most common JT goggle lens would be for the Elite series masks. The JT Elite masks are usually lower priced masks that sell for under 35 or 40 dollars. The JT Elite lens has a smaller field of vision and is only compatible with the Elite series. The last version of the JT paintball lens we carry is the QLS lens which is compatible with all of the newest JT QLS Series goggles. The QLS JT lens works with a quick lock system for easy lens changing or replacement.
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