ProFlex X

If you love old school paintball gear, then the new JT ProFlex X paintball mask will blow your socks off. The Proflex X now comes with a quick change lens system which will help you get a new lens in your mask in a matter of seconds as opposed to minutes. The stock lens for the Proflex X has 260 degrees of vision and is compatible with all previous ProFlex lenses as well as JT Spectra lenses. In addition to the new quick change lens, the X also has an easy to install/remove, quick change foam kit. The Flex bottom uses a insert molding technology which allows for the upper part of the bottom to be rigid and the bottom to have the perfect amount of flex. The foam on the new Proflex X is also redesigned using 3D molding technology to make this one of the most fitting paintball masks on the market and able fo fit comfortably on any sized face.
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