Check out the newest paintball company to hit the market. The Valken Paintball Company has almost 100 years of paintball gear production and distribution. Their design team is top notch and specifically caters to the demands of the most finicky paintball player. This is their Valken Chest Protector section which is dedicated to bring you some of the best protection known to paintballers. The Valken Paintball Chest protector comes in a variety of sizes that will fit youth players all the way up to the big boys. The Valken chest protector is loaded with padding on the front, back, and side sides to give you comfortable feel and keep you protected on the field. The Valken chest protector is typically worn under your paintball jersey or t shirt. The sizing on the chest protectors is very similar to that of a standard shirt. If you think you are right in between sizes on the Valken Chest Protector, we recommend going with the larger size.

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