CS3 Mechanical Frame Kit

Introducing the Planet Eclipse CS3 Mechanical Frame Kit, the pinnacle of mechanical paintball innovation. Designed to revolutionize your gameplay, this comprehensive upgrade package takes your CS3 marker to new heights of performance and versatility.

Unleash the Power of Mechanical Paintball

The CS3 Mech Frame Kit is the ultimate mechanical accessory for the CS3, offering features never before seen in the world of mechanical paintball. It has been meticulously engineered to dominate at all levels of play, delivering unrivaled performance and precision.

Seamless Conversion, Complete Package

With the CS3 Mech Frame Kit, you can effortlessly transition from full electric to full mechanical gameplay with a true 2-screw swap. No need to move operational components – everything you need for the conversion is included in one comprehensive package. The frame, HPR regulator, POPS, grips, and more are all at your disposal. Plus, the high-quality semi-rigid case ensures the safety of your unused frame during the swap.

Unparalleled Trigger Experience

The frame itself boasts a groundbreaking FL Pro 3-way system with a shorter stroke and lighter actuation forces, complemented by a unique multi ball-raced lever mechanism. This exceptional combination delivers the smoothest and most refined mechanical trigger pull ever experienced. Fine-tuning options abound with adjustable magnetic and spring return, adjustable lever position, trigger stops, and a fully adjustable rake angle. With almost limitless customization possibilities, you can achieve the perfect trigger feel for your style of play.

Elevate Your Mech Experience

Prepare for the ultimate mechanical paintball experience. The CS3 Mech Frame enables you to seamlessly transfer the complete MME electronics package from your CS3 into the mech frame. With a simple Firmware update through the E-Portal or your local Eclipse Service Centre, the new Mech Mode unlocks an array of groundbreaking features. Enjoy an on-screen shot counter, rate of fire indicators, and visual/audible game-timers that are essential for competitive classic paintball players. Immerse yourself in a new level of gameplay with this unprecedented integration of technology and mechanics.

The Planet Eclipse CS3 Mechanical Frame Kit is not just an upgrade; it's a gateway to unparalleled performance, adaptability, and innovation. Embrace the power of mechanical paintball and elevate your game to new heights with this extraordinary accessory. Dominate the field, make your mark, and redefine the art of paintball warfare.


True 2-Screw Frame Swap: Effortlessly switch frames for enhanced customization options.
POPS Included: Integrated POPS assembly for quick and easy air tank removal.
HPR Included: High-pressure regulator assembly ensures consistent air pressure for optimal performance.
Rear Grips Included: Comfortable and ergonomic rear grips for improved handling.
Foregrip Included: Co-molded rubber and plastic foregrip for enhanced control and stability.
New Semi-Rigid Carry Case: Provides secure storage and transportation for your CS3 Mechanical Frame and accessories.
Rake Adjustable 2-Piece Trigger: Fine-tune your trigger pull to suit your preferences.
FL Pro 3-Way: High-performance 3-way valve for smooth and reliable operation.
Adjustable Lever Valve Mechanism: Allows for precise control over the firing mechanism.
Ultra-Light Trigger Pull: Enables rapid firing with minimal effort.
Ultra-Short Trigger Pull: Promotes quick and accurate shooting.
Full Aluminum Construction: Durable and lightweight frame, trigger, lever, POPS, and HPR assemblies.
Fits ALL CS3 Markers: Compatible with all CS3 markers for seamless integration.
Fully Adjustable Trigger: Customize the trigger settings for optimal comfort and performance.
Adjustable Magnetic and Spring Return Mechanisms: Fine-tune the trigger response to your preference.
Triple Ball Race Trigger: Smooth and responsive trigger action with minimal friction.
Dual Ball Raced Lever: Provides enhanced durability and consistent operation.
Mechanical Push Safety: Reliable safety mechanism for added peace of mind.
Compatible With Full CS3 MME Electronics Package: Easily add your electronics to the mechanical frame.

Kit Includes:
CS3 Mech Frame
POPS Assembly
HPR Assembly
Rear Grips
Foregrip/Battery Housing
FL Pro 3-Way
Spares Bag
High-Quality Semi-Rigid Zip Case

Frame, Trigger, Lever, POPS, and HPR Assemblies: 6061-T6 Aluminium for optimal strength and durability.
Battery Housing: GRN (Glass Reinforced Nylon) for a lightweight and rugged design.
Foregrips and Rear Grips: Co-molded rubber and plastic for a comfortable and secure grip.
Ball Race Assemblies: Stainless Steel for smooth and reliable trigger action.

Experience the pinnacle of paintball performance with the Planet Eclipse CS3 Mechanical Frame. Its design and top-of-the-line features will elevate your gameplay to new heights. Embrace the power, precision, and reliability of this remarkable accessory and dominate the field like never before.

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