TechT Zero Kick Hammer SE Mk2 - BT & Tippman Markers (ZYX-2720)

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Performance Benefits:

  • Dramatic Decrease in KICK/RECOIL!!!
  • Increased Rates of Fire and Lowers Pressure!
  • MUCH Smoother Operation!
  • Longer Wear Life!
  • Hand Polished to Increase Accuracy!!!
  • Made in the USA

Works In:

- Tippmann 98, 98 Customs, 98 Custom Pro Platinum, ALL Alpha Blacks, Project Salvos, US Army Guns, A5, X7, FT-12, Cronus.

- BT-Delta and BT-Delta Elite and other variation of BT-4, BT-4 Slice, BT-G36.

- JT Tactical

- Valken SW-1, and RM-1 and all variations.

It basically works in any gun that is similar to these. Over the years everyone has copied the Tippmann, and so it works in many guns. It's likely that it will fit in even more guns in the future!

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